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Arabic Translation Service In UAE

If you’re looking for English to Arabic or Arabic to English translation services for all sectors and types of documents, you have to come to the right place. At arabic-translator.com, we provide you with the best translation services in Arabic, allowing you to provide your target readers with an easy version with all text properly translated.

Our team of highly experienced and skilled Arabic translators and interpreters is always ready and available to assist our clients to convey their message easily in the Arab market. Apart from English to Arabic translation services in UAE, we also translate from French into Arabic and other languages including German and Spanish.


Leading Arabic Translation Company In UAE

The Arabic language you hear and interact with in the modern-day and age is derived from classical Arabic which goes back to the sixth century AD. In today’s age, this is the only form of the language that is used and recognized for official documents and for verbal use as well. The mainstream media also uses the modern version of Arabic

The version of Arabic you see in modern books along with the spoken versions is used in all the Arab-speaking countries around the Middle East and Africa. However, you will see slight variations and changes with regard to dialects in all the countries, just like you would with any other language. At times, these variations and changes are so intense that some people even consider them as entirely different languages. That being said, the Arabic language is commonly treated as one due to religious reasons mostly, and sometimes for political reasons as well.

The Arabic language is considered one of the most used languages in the world, with an estimated 425 million speakers around the world. The language is originally based on Quranic Arabic. Currently, we see the modern form of Arabic language being taught in educational institutes, seen in the media, entertainment, and sports industry, along with government offices.

Certified Arabic Translation Services in UAE

The Arabic language in today’s time is native to various countries in the Gulf. Apart from the majorities living in these countries, the minorities in the neighbouring countries also speak the language along with some communities in the western world. Also, because the Arabic language is accepted throughout the world, it is listed among the top six official languages of the United Nations, alongside English, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Furthermore, the Arabic language has over the years, influenced many languages, which is because many words are now used commonly. Our team of experts has great experience and adequate knowledge about the language. Our professional Arabic translation in UAE covers a rich profusion of languages, which include:

  • Arabic to English translation
  • Arabic to other languages

Moreover, if you want to translate other languages into Arabic, we can do that for you as well.
These languages include:

  • Farsi to Arabic
  • French to Arabic
  • Spanish to Arabic
  • German to Arabic
  • Italian to Arabic
  • Urdu To Arabic
  • Thai To Arabic
  • Hindi To Arabic
  • Chinese To Arabic
  • Japanese To Arabic
  • Korean to Arabic
  • Hebrew To Arabic
  • Russian To Arabic
  • Turkish to ArabicOur Arabic Language services also include:
  • Arabic document translation services in UAE
  • Certified Arabic Translation
  • Linguistic validation in Arabic
  • Arabic proofreading
  • Arabic text editing
  • Arabic Marketing
  • Arabic Academic Translation
  • Arabic Medical translation
  • Arabic Subtitling

Arabic Legal Translation Dubai

Our experienced team includes project managers and certified translators who use this knowledge and resources to get the job done in the best way possible and exceed your expectations. It is our guarantee that we will always deliver accurate and legal translation services. We only hire certified and experienced linguists who have great expertise in the subject matter along with a thorough understanding of the terminologies that are specific to a particular country.

For many years, we have enjoyed the reputation for offering extremely high-quality translations. Our company has been working with plenty of government agencies as well. Our professional interpreters and translators provide all the translation services in a way that can eradicate language barriers and allow easy flow of communication.

Arabic Writing Translators in UAE

Our main goal is to provide top-notch translation services to enhance your business activities. By working with companies of all scales and statures, we strive to meet and accomplish the business translation requirements. Get comprehensive marketing translation services to ensure your business reaches the target audience and ultimately helps you to build trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with the customers, alongside creating a strong brand image. When we work on your projects, our goal is not to get paid at the end of the work, but to increase your local sales so that your business succeeds, which will in turn make us successful.